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Info Shiba

Shiba are so lively from it was scrubby, inquiring, extremely careful regarding the world around it.

It plays particularly, it seems a cat; generally it is not a pet that makes damages,
but there will always be the exception to the rule!

His energy charge have to be lived, if it can make agilities, sport activities with you,
or other things, it enjoys and will be always an equilibrate pet.

A bored Shiba is an atomic bomb ready to blow up, and it will find something to entertain it.
From puppy is will not be disposed for the education if it is not well followed, his attention will be drawn more easily with food, and this will be useful to teach it the first things!

Shiba loves his “house”. It can appropriate of it more than you are disposed to concede:
Is required to teach him who “wears the pants”, who commands and avoid to make trashes.
Don’t let around strings, laces, shoes or toys.

Sometimes verify the borders of your carpets (it really likes it… it says that “are tasty”…) .
His favorite game?.. You! To gnaw ankles, fists and toes… a real happiness for him!
course you have to teach it the limit between pleasure and pain, thing that for a Shiba will not be easy to learn.

Shibas get along with children…
…But if children are small and the shiba is a pet, they are growing up;
So someone could be hurt the other… in this case you have to make more attention, and you have to keep in mind that the pet with his milk tooth(prickly as a pin) could cause more easily itchiness or sting for playing the fine skin of the child; this not involve risk of health problem, but you or the child could not be ready for this; if you are apprehensive and you see small red points on the skin of your son/daughter don’t worry, but if you haven’t enough time, abilities or experience is recommended to wait that your child will grow up a little bit!

Or considering to take a Shiba that is already adult and educate.
After it grows up, the Shiba start to be more calm, a discreet companion , happy to stay with us, lovable with children, judiciously to be sociable with extraneous., never has to be a timid dog, or even worse aggressive.

If you can go to see the parents of your hypothetical Shiba, ask always to touch them,
Shiba likes to be pet, it hasn’t to be nervous or nipping,
It doesn’t exist a Shiba that today is good and tomorrow is nervous! nature has to be friendly,
even though it will be suspicious about the extraneous.

Is a dog that doesn’t bark so much, but this depend also from the genealogy, furthermore sometimes it lets the things hang out in manifesting his joy, when it sees us after a departure, even though is a short period!

It gives off joyful and loud shout.

Good character is very important… Of course a lot of this is a reward on the right choices when it grows up,

with pampering right and not too excessive! loves to have things for him, toys and little balls will never missed in your house!

Sometimes dogs colored of black and tan , are identified (but that’s not a rule) as more vivaciousness, has a predisposition for “thefts” and for barking if his attention is drawing by new noises!

One of his prerogative is cleanliness… since it was small (30/40 days old) it doesn’t want dirtying where it stays, if it will be walked out, even at his age, it starts to hold his bodily functions to do it then when it is out of the house;
Clearly after the transferring from the old house (we) to the new,
the dog could have needs of some days to recognise the place as his house, some pees can be bursting!

His coat doesn’t smell, it’s easy to be groomed, and only during the change coat period has to take care a little more because of his abundant loss of hair (more brushes and a couple of washes are recommended),

For understand the real character of the Shiba it’s necessary to go back at his origins.
And the wish is that it remain on his primitive origins... so you have to respect his hue and his nature without trying to modify his character to convert it in a dog! It is a Shiba!

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