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Curiosity about Shiba

Info Shiba

Some curiosities about the race are given by the coat.

Known and widespread is the “cream” hair colour that is a sort of white with red shades, or it is better talking about a red dilution (see the picture below before, don’t confuse with the red colour)
is a colour that is not accepted FCI as standard yet from 1992,
but as regard the Shiba as companion, there is not a problem and it is really loved.

In Italy there is not an high number of newborn of this colour, also because born of this colour avoided (but from the moment that in the genealogy of some Shiba exist a gene, especially Japanese, and when two of these have the “cream” gene in this case is possible that pets will be born of this colour, even though this was not the target…)

On the other foreign countries is more easily to meet it.
In any case, in Italy they are provided of a limited pedigree and they have not regarding that specific
colour because it is not accepted as standard,

So it is not recommended the breeding between and with subject of this colour.

England Shibas of this colour are still accepted as standard, so it is allowed to participate in competitions.

Another curiosity ... is not clear where the gene came from, I have read that dog breeders in foreign countries, had had long-hair in the new-born,
Even from dogs that was used many times and whose genealogy was excellent and well-known, so they were surprised and dismayed!

some pictures of long-hair and “creams” from internet...

Do you know that in the movie “Hachiko” the first fur actor is a Shiba?... The first actions of the movie where you can see the small Akita were filmed with a 2-3 months old Shiba!


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