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If you decide to request a pet with a down payment

(requests involve always a down payment),
you have to waiting for the pet the pet next born, because they are not merchandise.

We can plan litter, choose parents, know the period when they are in heat,
even though there is often a variation of these periods so it can’t be sure.

We can’t know before neither the number of pets, nor the gender, nor the colour or have the certainty that a reproduction will has a successful conclusion.

So if you want a female dog and the litter gives us only male dog, or if you choose a colour and the litter gives us another colour,
you have to wait until the right litter.
It is quite certain that as soon as the choosen pet will born, it will be your, with the guarantee to find it!

Make the request only if you desire to have a dog from this breeding farm

The request’s down payment will not give back if you are tired of waiting,
or you don’t want the requested pet anymore.

Possible delays not depend from us but from the nature!...
After all it will be part of your family and its arrive can’t be planned,
you can only desire it!

The breeding farm L' Ombra della Luna
sells his pets with a buying and selling agreement
we will provide to print a copy and to fill in at the opportune time.

We remember to you that requests will respected in order of arrive
(in other words the date of received payment takes the precedence) of the booking request

we always communicate if there is a waiting list, so that you can make an amount, thinking about it, and finally decide if you want to waiting or not, however considering what is written above.
Even the choice of pets, that often occurs through pictures if you are in a different country or region, will be based on the order of booking, so that will not about first or second choice…

All pets are generally nice and good healthy; if there would be a visible imperfection when they born or after when it is growing up, this will be communicate and then we will establish what we have to do together…
Regarding the price of one of our pets this will not be possible to establish before; I think that you have made an average in your mind, but if you call everywhere you will hearing different prices, from a minimum to a maximum…

We try to make the right things, to guarantee a healthy and nice pet, of two months old, without imperfections; it is not possible to guarantee a pet for exhibition or not when it is 2 months old, but we can tell you that it hasn’t anything that will impede an attendance to the shows when we sell it, but promising a champion when it is 2 months old
is a hazard that we will not doing, for honesty…

On the other hand if the pet will present some imperfection that involve a certainty and predictable expulsion from the official expositions (ENCI-FCI) we will make the right consideration about it…
Please, don’t ask us dogs without pedigrees, we haven’t it!

The pedigree is not a piece of paper useful only for expositions or breeding,
Is the ID of your dog, it certifies the history, birth and origin!


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