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Temperament Akita

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ritratto Akita di tiziana miraglia

Akita dogs are dogs with certain characterics which should induce people to think carefully
before choosing one of them, since if they are gentle when properly trained, having a very strong
and determined nature could get out of control if spoilt and not properly trained.
They are dogs though that once chosen will become your best friend for life!
They've got several abilities and a boundless and natural beauty.
In Japan they are simbol of strength, loyalty and courage, often called a " wonder of naturess".
Their great dignity is to be seen in their confident posture and their wonderful
tipycally oriental expression, while their sweetness is to be seen in the happiness and communication on they show when greeting someone they love.
When they doso they look as if they wanted to speak and express their joy of being with you.
All those who don't knok an Akita dog and see one for the first time say that they " look like a bears!" but they can really be more than an animal simultaneously"!
As puppies they are gorgeous.
They' ve got a peculiar nature and though they' ve got a rather indipendent personality and don't constantly worship their owner, nonetheless they require a stable relationship with someone who can follow his dog sweetly and constantly to be able to give the bet of themselves.
You have to show your Akita dog right from the beginning that no matter how hard he tries
to be dominant you are the leader.
They are strong, obedient ,balanced, and show a certain degree of indipendence though
not a tendency to run away.
The are patient and reliable with children.
They make good watch-dogs, never aggressive with strangers without a good reason.
You can say that they are perfect!..
but they really have a flaw, in that they never fail to show intolerance
to other dogs, which makes them unsuitable for anyone who's got
other dogs of the same sex, if he or she isn't in perfect command of his or his or her Akita.
This also applies when they are on a lead, though they don't tug to attack another dog when not provoked,nevertheless you have to be in constant command, and this is the result of the kind of relationship you have established.
Females are easier to control as their dominance is less pronounced, making them more suitable for those at their first experience with dogs.
Clean and discreet, Akita can find a corner for themselves rigth from the start.
Their thick coat doesn't go unnoticed in a flat at times when they are changing it, but a couple of baths and the frequent use of a brush put this problem right.
At other times they need to have their coat brushed only once a week a few baths only when really necessary.
They're not prone to any particular illness except for skin irritations when are given a diet too rich in protein or fat, while a diet based on chicken, turkey or fish is what's best for them to be in good health.
So altogether we can say that Akita are dogs you can love and be loved by, but they're not ordinary dogs and they're not for everybody.


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