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Female Akita

Our Akitas

Uma...it was love at first sight ...
The moment in which many of my Akita left me for old age,
I had to pick a new female,
I saw her, her family history, I was struck by an Akita to be "modern"
with the correct construction of Akita than once,
with aplomb correct anterior and posterior, a nice movement, and so his parents and his grandparents, having to insert a new dog to be able to select better and better and not incurring too much consanguinity, I chose to have it with determination ...

In addition proved to be a wonderfully sweet Akita despite being came to us at 8 months has now created a wonderful bond.
It 'also a wonderful mother and her puppies are sweet character.

Uma at the moment is our only female in breeding, rearing.
So if you want a puppy from us, you have to wait and book .....

HD/B - ED/0


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